The Gall Bladder Symptoms

Just behind our organ liver is an organ called gall bladder. It is not a famous organ so most people would often by pass and ignore its importance. The most common sickness that a gall bladder can have is the forming of gall stones. Gall stones are formed in crystal like manner which causes severe pain as a gall bladder symptom. More often than not, a gall bladder would need to be removed to cure this gall stones problem.

The Gall Bladder Location:

The gall bladder location

Here are the most common gall bladder symptoms:

  • Periodic nuisance in the midpoint of the high belly, or solely not more than the ribs on the aptly feature.
  • The bind could apply to the aptly shoulder or linking the shoulder blades.
  • The bind can be accompanied by nausea and vomiting and now and again unwarranted wind.
  • The attack can continue from a hardly from time to time.The frequency and severity of attacks is very wavering.
  • Back pain and gastric ulcer may include also.
  • May experience vomiting which is accompanied by nausea.

Gallstones are said to start forming in the gall bladder area. Gall bladder symptoms are common also in other sickness so its best advised to a patient to undergo several tests to ensure if it is really gall bladder symptoms. Gall bladder has a certain function in our body so it needs to be taken cared of.

When it comes to diagnosing the gall bladder symptoms, people usually stay unaware of its initial symptoms. Many a times, digestion problems also occur due to problems in the gall bladder. The gall bladder symptoms are extremely similar and also related closely with the signs of digestion disorders. Hence, even if you are suffering from gall bladder diseases, most people consider the symptoms as that of stomach disorders, etc. Hence, then ext time you suffer from digestion problem, it may not be related only to your stomach, but can also be caused due to gall bladder diseases. So, keep remember the main symptoms that you may suffer from due to gall bladder diseases and make sure you take the help of a doctor in the earlier stages itself. In some conditions, only one single gall bladder symptom is enough to indicate that you are suffering from gall bladder diseases. Check these symptoms mentioned below and see if you have experienced them before. If yes, its time you take help of your family doctor.

Basic Gall bladder symptoms

Do you experience pain in the area near the lower right rib? This can be one of the most basic symptoms of gall bladder disorders. You may also suffer from pain in the area between the blades of the shoulders. Along with these two symptoms, you may also experience sudden headaches and other general health conditions such as gas, nausea, constipation or even diarrhea. Each of these symptoms is common and can also indicate to a number of other health conditions. Another gall bladder symptom you may experience is burping. This occurs especially after your meals and is soon followed by a very uncomfortable bloating feeling in the stomach.

Gall bladder symptoms in women

The symptoms experienced by women are much similar to the symptoms experienced by men. However, there are very few basic differences that can be usually experienced. Most primarily, women are more prone to gall bladder disorders in comparison with men. The possibility of women suffering from gall bladder symptoms is two times more than in men. The main reason behind this is that the progesterone and the estrogen hormones in females. Fever and yellow skin are two major symptoms in women for gall bladder disorders. Women may also experience vomiting during gall bladder disorders. These symptoms are further accompanied by chronic diarrhea, a major symptom of gall bladder disorder.

Gall bladder symptoms during pregnancy

Gall bladder disorders are highly common in women, and this risk is increased to a greater amount during pregnancy. The risk of gallstone formation increases during pregnancy as the bile production in the body during this phase increases to a certain extent. The risk is increased due to the changing hormone levels in the body. However, during pregnancy, recognizing the gall bladder symptoms is extremely difficult as during pregnancy, most women naturally experience nausea, vomiting, and other similar symptoms. Electrolyte balancing, following non-fat diet and antibiotics are the basic treatments that are usually prescribed by doctors to women suffering from gall bladder symptoms during pregnancy.

Porcelain gallbladder

Gallbladder, although a small organ in the body, it is of considerable importance for the metabolic processes. The hardening of the walls of your gallbladder can make it calcified that look like a porcelain gallbladder. The medical condition will cause inflammation as there are many stones deposited in the organ. It could become calcified and even require surgery to treat the porcelain gallbladder.

The condition is known as chronic cholecystitis or porcelain appearance of gallbladder as texture changes. The changes include bluish coloration as the consistency becomes more brittle as the condition worsens. This medical condition does not have many symptoms, but it predisposes the patient to carcinoma of gall bladder.


You can take the help of medical practitioners and get diagnosed for porcelain gallbladder. There are more women suffering from the condition. The CT scans will detect the occurrence of this condition apart from ultrasound, x-ray and other detection options.

Cholecystectomy has been suggested as one treatment alternative as carcinoma may develop post porcelain gallbladder. When symptoms like jaundice, vomiting, abdominal pain and other conditions appear you will come to find out about gallbladder condition. With medication and gradual treatment your condition will improve if diagnosed in earlier stages.

Gallbladder Diet

The level of risk is known to increase considerably when you are detected with gallstones. You do not want to suffer from gallbladder carcinoma, so you need to follow gallbladder diet that will prevent the condition from worsening. The gallstone occurrence is prominent among patients who are obese or overweight.

The menu involving fats and cholesterol is known to have an impact on the gallbladder.

  • The fruits, vegetables and variety of whole grains are meant to be part of your meals
  • The whole grains like brown rice, cereal, wheat bread, bran cereal will be beneficial for a healthy gallbladder
  • Dairy products that are low in fat should be consumed
  • Poultry items and lean meats, fish can be gallbladder diet

Including the fruits like apples, lemons, guavas, grapes, figs, prunes, papaya, currants, apricots, melons, berries and coconuts can be helpful in preventing the scenario from turning worse. Further information based on specific disorder and medical history can be gained from your doctor. It is possible to lower the risk as you maintain healthy body weight. The gallbladder diet will influence the organ and increase the required dose of healthy fibers lowering fats, cholesterol and calories at the same time.

Gallbladder Disease

Gallbladder, an organ of about 3.5 inches and 1 inch in length and width can experience metabolic problems. Gall bladder disease is known to affect men and women alike, though more women are known to suffer from the problem. There are conditions where bile flow may actually be hampered leading to diseases of the gallbladder.

You can suffer from cholelithiasis or gallstones, chronic and acute cholecystitis apart from the gallstone carcinoma. The population of 10-20% is known to suffer from gallbladder disease like gallstone. The symptoms of gallstone condition are not prevalent till extreme, so there are detection of gallbladder disease can actually be a blessing in disguise.


The cholecystitis may have symptoms like intense pain along the abdomen and ribs. The pain could pass to lower abdomen and even the back side when the gallstones pass from the organs. There are bacterial infections in the bile duct if patient suffers from gallbladder disease as the acute cholecystitis. There are jaundice like symptoms along with fever, vomiting and swollen duct. The jaundice will be a reason for you to worry when the intestine and bloodstream is loaded with bile. The gallbladder disease requires immediate medical attention so the situation doesn’t worsen. With proper diagnostic measures and treatment you can actually find remedy and be free of the pain.

Gallbladder Surgery

The cholecystectomy can actually be performed on the gallbladder and relieve you of all problems. The gallbladder surgery will be clearly done by an expert only after the other alternatives have been tried. Laparoscopic surgery or keyhole surgery can actually be performed as you want to get treated for the condition. The scarring in this type of surgery will be advantageous as scarring is minimal.

Gallbladder surgery is known to be safe and even very efficient. You will get rid of the gallstones as the bile flow is hampered by them, the stones could form eventually over many years.


Risk of surgery:

The risk is negligible or nonexistent as many individuals get it done on a routine basis the rare possible complications are:

  • Internal bleeding
  • Infection during surgery
  • Injury to organs like intestine at time of surgery
  • Anesthesia risk
  • Common bile duct injury

The gallbladder surgery will ensure quick recovery as you pick laparoscopic surgery over the open surgery. Getting back to work post the surgery period will be very quick and easy. The individuals are known to even leave the hospital in a day or two after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery. You must talk to your doctor before getting it done for total information.

Gallbladder Pain

There are millions of individuals suffering from the gallbladder pain and symptoms of this condition. The cholesterol deposits are main reason for the formation of gallstones. The salt and cholesterol have been the reasons for digestive problems of the gallbladder. Digestion does require the functioning of gallbladder. As cholesterol is present in oversaturated quantity the problem gets aggravated.

The gallbladder pain is caused as the stones pass through the intestine and are released out. At times the pain can be worse if the stones are unable to pass through the ducts. There can be blockage of the duct leading to pain and other symptoms. Cholecystitis or gallstone is a reason for the pain apart from reasons like acute and chronic cholecystitis.


The main function of liver is detoxification and you may have problems due to the gallstone. You can easily get some of the stones removed with medication. If the gallbladder is blocked food digestion will be incomplete. This can lead to gallbladder pain as stagnant and irritating substances deposit in the stomach. It takes years for the stones to deposit; you may opt for surgery to relieve yourself from the pain. Discuss with your medical practitioner for further details on treatment and preventive measures for gallstone pain.