All About Gallbladder

We know that gallbladder is part or our internal organs but how far do you know about it? We didn’t pay too much attention with our internal organs until we suffer a certain condition. Then we will know how important that internal organ to our body and that we should take care of it. It’s always too late when we realize it.

What is gallbladder and its function?

The gallbladder is where the bile is being stored and concentrated. Bile is a secreted liquid from the liver; this is responsible for neutralizing acids and emulsifies fats.

Gallbladder diseases start when the bile substances form crystal in gallbladder and become gallstones. The concretion is hard when the person is over the age of 40 or obese. This is very common to women. This gallstone will cause the gallbladder to get swollen and produces unbearable pain.

All About GallbladderThese gallstones can get out of the body on its own but when it is too big and can’t pass through, it has to be operated and the gallbladder will be removed. Your body can still function well even if you have your gallbladder removed but there are instances, though very rare that a person will experience complications. This complication can be infection, bleeding and duct tube injury. One complication that the person experience after the operation is diarrhea. The connection of diarrhea to gallbladder is still unknown yet it is commonly happening.

Surgery isn’t necessary if you can still make something to remove your gallstones. One of the things that you can do is to avoid fatty foods. Eat foods rich in fiber, always include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Make it a habit to detoxify yourself. Stop smoking and limit your pills intake. If you can don’t drink any pills like sleeping pills.

Every part of our body is important; we should take care of it and never neglect it. Each one of them plays an important role and removing one of them will make our body system and other organs a hard time making up for the lost one. Live a healthy and fulfilling life!