About Gall bladder disease

Gall bladder disease is said to be diagnosed at about 20 Million Americans. Gall bladder disease is is said to be acquired if you have gall stones. Gall stones are stone like particles inside the gall bladder which causes the pain to the patients. They are cholesterol stones hardend. Mostly women, and those who are over the age of 60 are most likely to have gall bladder disease. Also men and women who are obesehave high risk for gall bladder disease.

Having an ultrasound exam is one common way to determine occurence of gall stones in gall bladder. It is also oftenly detected if the person is experienceing majority of the gall bladder disease symptoms. When a gall bladder disease is detected after an ultrasound exam, then the doctor makes suggestions to patient ad to how to kill the disease and prevent it from coming back. The mose common way to cure gall bladder disease is through gall bladder removal operation.

About Gall bladder diseaseAfter series of tests taken to a patient, the doctor will now advise the patient about the cure options. One of the most common is gall bladder removal-laparoscopic. This operation is more advisable because it requires lesser recovery time for the patient after the operation.

Gallbladder removal – laparoscopic is a common way of removing or curing gall bladder disease. Normally a patient can immediately go home after a day or so and can go back to light normal activitites after a week. Only special after the laparoscopic surgery is a common gall bladder diet after the operation that the patient has to follow to continue healing process and regain health in full day to day activities.