Gall Bladder Surgery

The removal of the gall bladder is called Cholecystectomy. It is an incision of the upper abdomen in the right side. Gall bladder surgery is only performed when necessary. Most of the time, if the only way to cure gall bladder disease is through a gall bladder surgery.

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

The process by which gall bladder is removed using aparoscopic techniques is called Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. According to medicine, this operation is very safe. As this process will make patients faster recovery than usual other operation types. This can be performed also to pregnant women to avoid future complications. Gall bladder surgery has been a most common surgical operations being performed to people. This is to eliminate gall stones and prevent cancer in the long run.

Gallbladder surgery patients are said to have immediate recovery from pain and other associated problems . although  pain killers are still necessary for a few days after the operation. They can go back to the regular light activities after few days. However, the patient should still monitor his/her body responses to activities after the gall bladder surgery. It does not mean the patient can go all the way of her normal life before the operation. Living with out the gall bladder is totally different from the time it was still there.

Gall Bladder SurgeryThe aftermath of gall bladder surgery should be closely looked in to by the patients.  For people who have undergone gall bladder surgery eating the right amount and types of food is important.Avoid eating fatty food and high calorie meals. Pay attention to fibrous food and low fat diet. Walking as an exercise is highly recommended.

For every disease it is still believed that prevention is better than cure. So every individual is encourage to live a healthy life style. A happy life should be a healthy life away from sickness and disease.